A Planet Nearing Devastation
A World of Science and Magic

After 17 long years, you have finally returned to the surface. Waiting for you was irreversible tragedy and the newfound bonds with Aurorians. Command the Colossus and soar over the ancient ruins. Traverse through the capital and the desert. Find the Light alongside your friends.

Unleash Chain Combos in Battle

Unleash chain combos based on the number of connected tiles!

Strengthen Bonds in the Colossus

You can level up each Aurorian on your team in a variety of ways. Upgrade each character's unique Breakthrough and Ascension skills. Combine strategies and create the most powerful Aurorian!

Trigger Chain Combos in One Stroke to Victory

Connect tiles of the same color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) to guide the Aurorians.

Multilayered Characters Created by Talented Illustrators

A total of 150 remarkable illustrators and manga artists have devoted their time and talents to this project. In this riveting world brimming with artistic imagination, the characters come to life in epic battles.

Take Part in an Exciting Storyline and RPG

As Aurora and White Night converge, head towards Aurora, the intersection between sky and space! This is your story, the story of you bringing back the Light for future generations.



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