Q: How to link the account?

A: If you've logged in with a guest account, you'll now need to link it to a third-party account (Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account) to prevent your data from being lost. Please link your account according to the following guidelines.

1. Start the game and tap the "Settings" icon.

2. Tap "Link" to link your game account to your Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account.

3. After successfully linking your account, please log in directly with the linked Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account the next time you log into the game instead of the guest login function.


Q: Can players recover the a lost guest account without link to Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account?

A: If you do not link your guest account to your Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account, your account data will only be stored locally on your device. This means your data will not be updated synchronously with our game account system, and thus will be irretrievable if deleted from your device. We suggest that you link your account immediately after creating it to avoid any loss.


Q: How to change the email login password?

A: If you're using the email login function, you can reset your password through the Forgot Password button on the login screen.


Q: How to switch the game account?

A: Step One: Tap Settings > Log Out.

Step Two: After the login page starts up, you can select Email/Twitter/LINE/Facebook/AppleID/Google Play account to log into the game.


Q: Why has my game account been banned?

A: To provide the best possible game environment for everyone, if certain accounts are confirmed through data verification to show evidence of violating our terms and conditions, thus leading to a significant negative impact on the game and seriously affecting the experience of other players, we will impose a ban as punishment according to the situation. Specific unbanning times will be subject to in-game notifications.

Violations include using add-ons, abuse, racial discrimination, and other negative behaviors.


Q: I haven't received my in-game items/rewards!

A: If it appears that you haven't received your rewards or in-game items, we recommend that you log into the game again and check your inventory and in-game mailbox. If you still can't find them, the problem may be due to the network delay. Please wait for 3-5 minutes. Also, please try to remember whether you've already used the items in question.


If you've tried the above steps and still can't find your items, don't worry! You can tap on "Help Center" on the in-game "Settings" page to submit your problem.


Q: My in-game currency has disappeared!

A: If your in-game currency disappears or seems abnormal, we recommend that you first close the game, and then log into the game again and check once more. Also, please try to remember if you may have already used your currency by accident to buy in-game items.

If you can confirm that you have not used the currency in question, please contact our customer service, and we will help you to verify what went wrong.


In addition, we have encountered certain cases where users shared their game accounts with others. In these cases, the accounts in question were exposed to potential security risks because multiple people had access to them. We suggest that you keep your account safe at all times and never send your account details to others.

We would like to remind you again to pay close attention to the security of your game account information to avoid unnecessary losses.


Q: Can I get a refund after purchase?

A: For purchase made on App Store and Google Play, we are not able to handle refunds directly. Please visit Apple support or Google Play Help 


Q: My recharge was successfully paid for, but the items haven't been added to my account!

A: If your recharged items have not been added to your account, you can try the following steps:

 1. You can wait for a while before the recharge arrives, as account data synchronization may cause this process to be delayed. We recommended that you log in again after exiting the game.

 2. If your items still haven't arrived after 24 hours, tap "Help Center" on the in-game "Settings" page to open a support ticket.

Note: Please make sure you recharge only through official channels! Never trust third-party channels, as their authenticity cannot be guaranteed!


Q: I used some Lumocrystals, but they were not consumed/I didn't receive my items!

A: There are several reasons why this may have happened:

 1. You don't have enough Lumocrystals for this particular purchase.

 2. A network error or connection instability caused the transaction to fail.

 3. After you used them, delayed account information synchronization may have resulted in a prolonged transaction time. We recommend that you log in again and have another look.


Q: The amount of Lumocrystals I received after recharging doesn't match what I paid for!

A: 1. First, please confirm whether you may have spent some of your Lumocrystals without realizing it.

2. Confirm whether your account has been used by someone else.

Note: If neither of the above applies to your situation, please tap on "Help Center" on the in-game "Settings" page to verify your transaction's status.


Q: What should I do if my recharge was successfully paid for, but hasn't been added to my account?

A: If you haven't received your vouchers after recharging successfully, please try closing the game and logging in again to check whether your vouchers have been received.

If your vouchers still haven't arrived, please tap the form below to fill it in, and then submit it. Our live customer service will verify the situation for you as soon as possible after receiving your query. Remember to upload a screenshot of your order!


If you're using Google Play, you can follow these steps to obtain a screenshot of your order:


1. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email from Google Play containing your order receipt. Simply upload a screenshot of it for us to check!

2. You can also visit the following link to find a receipt of your purchase, and then upload a screenshot of it!




If you're using the Apple App Store, you can follow these steps to obtain a screenshot of your order:

Mobile version:

Go to Settings - Apple ID - Media & Purchase Items, find the record of the purchase that hasn't arrived, and then save a screenshot.

PC version:

1. Open iTunes on the PC, tap the arrow in the upper-left corner to select the iTunes Store, and then select Home.

2. Tap the Login button in the upper left corner. After logging in, your Apple ID will be displayed at the same location. Then, tap on your Apple ID and select Account.

3. You'll find your Purchase History halfway down the screen. Tap on it, and then tap View All.

4. Find the record of the purchase that hasn't arrived in your account, and tap it.

5. Save a screenshot of this purchase record.


Q: When I try to recharge, I receive a message saying that the purchase could not be completed!

A: 1. Please confirm that your version of the game was downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you downloaded and installed the game from an unofficial source, such as an APK file, you may be unable to recharge.

2. Log in using a valid Google Play or iTunes account to confirm payment.

3. Please make sure you're using the correct currency and payment method for your corresponding store (e.g. in the German store, you must use Euros).

4. Please change the language settings in the game to your local language.

5. Set the current language and region of iTunes or Google Play to the corresponding local language and region (for example, in the German store, please set your language to German and the region to Germany).

6. If you receive a payment error message from iTunes or Google Play, please contact iTunes or Google Play directly to solve the issue, as many payment errors are a result of payment methods or accounts failing to comply with the store regulations.